The time has come to shut our doors at our beloved shop front in Burke Road, and move to bigger and better pastures in Burwood Road. 

Before the panic sets in, this is not the end for FarSide Beers,
only a face lift and bit of revitalization of the name you love and hold close to your beery hearts! 

725 Burwood Road, will be our new home boasting two rooms, filled with a full stocked bar as well as an impressive courtyard to unwind in the afternoon sunlight!

We hope that this move will be as quick as possible but due to legalities with Liquor Licence and Council regulations, there are somethings that are unavoidable and will take some time to be set in stone. We hope that you will all bare with us, and once these are over come, will continue to enjoy the wonderful world of craft beer with us! 

For any further inquiries please feel free to contact us via Facebook, Instagram or drop us a line at 

We promise we don't bite! 

Friday Beer Day, because I forgot Wednesday Beer Day...

We've had some sneaky arrivals this week from some heavily known breweries, but also some up and coming brewers to hit the Victorian state! 

Providing us with phenomenal beer since the dawn of time Dainton Family Brewing have just released their speciality Santa's Cherry Sack Attack... the name says it all. Fruity, sour, yet oddly comforting when that beautiful reddish brown liquid hits your lips for the first time, the second and even the last. 

Merchant Brewing, out of Sydney - I don't know where to begin. Everything is right with these guys. Packaging is witty, creative and totally engaging just begging for you to drink it and enjoy the flavours that ensue. Their blonde ale, isnt the typically looking light golden pour that one would normally expect, but it doesn't matter - this is better.Earl Pear is a beer that you would think may not work as a beer, but you'll be oh so wrong when you crack open the lid and get down to tasting. Unreal. Early Grey tea and Pear,what a perfect combination. 

Two faultless beers out of Belgium from Duvel and Chimay, they've stood the test of time and the reason is in the beer. Absolutely unreal. 


Moon Dog Tasting December the 11th at FarSide Beers

Ever wanted to try the ever eccentric, ever wonderful and ever so challenging beers that Moon Dog bring to the table of craft beers? Or do you have wonderful nightmares of wanting more of the Moon Dog himself? Well, you've come to the right place then... 

Friday December the 11th, we're teaming up with Moon Dog to put on a little tasting hosted at FarSide Beers, Camberwell to try all the weird and wonderful things these guys release! 


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New Beer Wednesdays. Making Humpdays that much better...

Boatrocker - Alpha Queen highly hopped Ale
           - Big Love Suburban Pale Ale
Colonial Brewing - Small Ale
Bridge Road - Fat Man Red Suit Big Sack red IPA
            - Enigma new world Pilsner
Exit Brewing - American Red IPA
Mountain Goat - The Naz Scotch Ale
Mornington - IPA cans
Hargreaves Hill - E.S.B
Panhead - Hardtail Henry Oaked Stout can

Taps, at Farside? Really?

The long anticipated installation of some taps within Far Side are well underway! 

We will be installing two constantly rotating taps that will be featuring the likes of Dainton, Liberty Brewing, Bridge Road, 8 Wired and EPIC! 

In the mean time, please bare with us as we make the necessary adjustments to incorporate these taps within our quaint shopfront in Camberwell. 

Look forward to seeing you all down trying some fresh tap beer & some of the best sourced bottled beer from around the globe! 


Newest and greatest!

Wednesday means new beer day! 

This week we've got some of the greatest from LA to UK, to Belgium and back home...

Brasserie Du Bocq - Blanche de Namur - from Belgium 
Timonthy Taylors - Landlord - from the UK 
Temple Brewing - Bicycle - from AUS
Yeastie Boys - Gunnamatta - is back in stock from NZL 
Renaissance - Stonecutter and Discovery - from NZL 
Weihenstephaner - Festbier - from Germany's oldest brewery. 
Etienne DuPont - Normandy Cidre - from France
Golden Road - IPA Samplers, Wolf among Weeds, Heal the Bay, Point the Way - from L.A.



We're bringing Oktoberfest to the streets of Camberwell! 

We have specially stocked up on some well known but punchy German beers, as well as a one off collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Brauhaus Riegele. 
Throughout the weeks of Oktoberfest - September 19th till October 4th - we will be selling the mixed 4 packs of Weihenstephaner Pils and Hefe Weissbier along side the smoked Schlenkerla Marzen followed by the 'Oktoberfest' collaboration beer by Sierra Nevada and Brauhaus Riegele for only $22.99!